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Burns Custom Knives

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Price: $750.00Part #: 07000

I was a knife admirer and user even as a kid. In grade school my personal treasure was a 5" Navy Mk1 my father had found hunting and gave me. I kept that knife for almost 30 years before loosing it during a move. I am now the owner of a like new example of the same knife with its fiberglass sheath. My first "store bought fixed blade was a 7", Randall #1 in carbon steel with a maroon micarta handle that I ordered in the '70s for $97.

While I can make most anything the majority of my knife work is in 440C or German stainless , nickle silver guards (all guards brass or nickle silver are silver soldered to the blade) and linen Micarta handles. All my knives are marked with my maker's logo, the Scottish Thistle. Sheaths are either covert carry Kydex that I make or Sullivan leather sheaths. Sullivan is the long time supplier of sheaths to Randalls Knives. I typically make styles that mimic Randall's #1, #14, #15, #16 that are supplied with Sullivan leather sheaths. Please call or email to see what is available. I make these for my own pleasure/use and do not take orders for custom work. I'll never make a lot of knives but it is something that I enjoy in my spare time from building 1911s.