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Glock Grip Reduction

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Price: $200.00Part #: 00090
If you own a Glock and every time you shoot the gun wish it were just a bit smaller or pointed a bit lower in your hand here is one answer. I have been reducing Glocks for over 10 years now and have never had a failure or delamination. Instructors, LEO, the private CCW holder, and gun writers all have raved about this reduction. It isn't pretty but it does fit your hand much better than a stock frame no matter the frame size I start with. The BCP Glocks are still the smallest and most comfortable Glocks on the aftermarket from the many after market samples I have handled. Take a look in the Glock photo gallery of the Burns Custom Pistols web site for further details. I make 4 distinct cuts on the frame, then fill and retexture the grip area. Over time and hundreds of frames it seems the best fit for everyone is the smallest Glock possible. I offer few options for those thinking about this kind of modification for their Glock. Adding a beavertail has not been not been needed if I do my job correctly. Rounding the trigger guard is a no cost option if you would like that done. Feel free to call if you have questions. Wait time is generally 4 to 6 weeks.