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Exotic hardwood stocks

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Price: $56.00Part #: 00070
Hand checkered in the traditional double diamond pattern, handgun stocks for the 1911. (the grips pictured are Coca Bola) I have mine cut slightly thinner than normal spec (just under .25") and only accept hand picked woods. Beautiful as well as functional. Call for availability or a hand picked set.
Elephant Ivory 1911 Grips

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Price: $275.00Part #: 00072
Real Elephant Ivory grips cut specifically for BCP by a retired Colt employee, from legal ivory, long ago imported into the USA. Ivory has been used for centuries on weapons handles for good reason. It is extremely durable, warm to the touch and beautiful. Future generations won't have access to fine Elephant ivory for good reason. The prices increase every year and will soon be beyond most budgets and then finally (and I suspect in our life times) it will no longer be available on the retail market. If you have a particular 1911 you plan on handing down to your son or daughter I might suggest you add ivory grips to the presentation.

BCP elephant ivory grips are hand picked, always cut at .24" or thinner (stock Colt's are .25") and can be had with or without Colt medallions and always have good grain showing. Bark ivory as shown or exceptional grain and color are available on occasion with the obvious increase in price.

Synthetic Hard Use 1911 Stocks

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Price: $50.00Part #: 00074
These are extreme use grips that are standard equipment on the "ONE" pistol from BCP. There are no better grips available for hard use on a 1911. The material is linen Micarta known for use on knife handles where it has an excellent reputation for durability. These grips are smooth and recommneded on a gun with the "WAVE", "scallops", checkering, or on a smooth gun for concealed carry. Bead blasted, basic black in color. $10 cheaper and back in stock and ready to ship as of 12/05 Other finishes and grip patterns available shortly.
Compact Hard Use 1911 Stocks

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Price: $45.00Part #: 00075
Same material and quality as the full size grips! But now they are available for the Kimber Compact/ Colt Officer's size guns. Bead blasted or smooth, please specify. As of 1/18/04 I have both in stock.
Carbon fiber grips

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Price: $80.00Part #: 00076
Carbon fiber grips panels in either a bright finish or bead blasted. Black only. Please specify final finish on order.