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Burns/Alessi GWH IWB Holster

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Price: $0.00Part #: 00001
"Simply the best!" Is the motto here.

This holster is the first of the BCP "Carryguns" leather or parts to be offered. I started the design work on this holster in the mid 80's at the same time I started building guns. Every piece of leather and every part that is displayed and detailed at the "CARRYGUNS" store will be personally tested and a step up from what is currently available on the after market. Some designs, like the GWH inside the waistband (IWB) holster shown here, are improvements on old designs and stood the test of time. Others will change and get better as technology and production methods improve. No matter, what ever is offered here at "carryguns" will be state of the art in 1911 use. I guarantee it!

Dane Burns

The GWH holster is a rock solid inside the waistband holster designed to be worn just behind the point of the hip with a very minimum of bulk. Forward FBI 11 degree rake, which matches the ACP closely for position. This is a BCP design done over a 10 year period and sewn by 4 different holsters makers. Design improvements on the Nelson Summer Special, first came from Gordon Davis' IWB pattern and were further defined by BCP over a ten year period. More recently I had several makers add other changes at my request making the current BCP version the best yet. Subtle design changes and long experience with an inside the waistband holster has made the GWH incredibly comfortable and secure holster that is very, VERY, fast on presentation. Everyone has a unused box of holsters. The GWH will end a professional gunman's search for a perfect IWB. Currently unseen in the some of the worst places by those who need the best. Available in black, cordovan and combos, 1.75", 1.5" and 1.25" belt loops, normal loop is 1.5", and LH or RH. Typically I try to stock the 5" 1911 in black. Inquire on the availability for other 1911 sizes and other model weapons and be prepared to wait. We do not offer exotic trim or leather with this holster. It is designed to be slim and fast. Lou Alessi has been making the current and most recent GWH design since late in 2000. No other maker has duplicated the exact design. We have yet to have a unsatisfied holster customer once it has been delivered. You can now order this holster and all the Burns/Alessi products direct from Alessi Leather @ 716 691 5615 EST.

Burns/Alessi ACP Belt Holster

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Price: $0.00Part #: 00002
Traditional style belt holster based on Bruce Nelson's original designs. First cut and sewn by Lou Alessi and shown to the Department of Justice in California at Nelson's request. The design and construction techniques have been continually improved by BCP and Alessi to the most current design. Perfect for IDPA and concealed carry where a belt holster is appropriate. Designed to be worn behind the point of the hip. Butt forward rake, at 11 degrees, FBI style, which is a benefit in concealment over a straight drop. Available colors are black or cordovan and a combination of the two. Available in LH or RH. Available for 1911 in all sizes, the Browning High Power, SIG 229 and the Berretta 92. Others available on special order (10 to 12 weeks). Shown in black sharkskin (belt and mag pouch not included). Leather holsters in all 1911 sizes, Right hand, are generally in stock. Colors available for immediate delivery may vary. Cost posted is for plain holster leather only, exotics are an additional cost. Lou serves his US Government contacts first for all the obvious reasons. Typically a 10 to 12 week waits on delivery. Tested by the U.S. Federal Air Marshals to "RAVE" reviews. You can now order this holster and all the Burns/Alessi products direct from Alessi Leather @ 716 691 5615 EST.
BCP/Alessi gun belts

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Price: $0.00Part #: 10000
A holster is only as good as the belt you put it on. Lou Alessi makes one of the very best gun belts. I have the BCP belts cut on a contour, and tapered from 1.5" to 1.25" on the ends for comfort on the long days. Like everything in leather exotics cost more and take longer. The top belt is shark and the bottom two are plain leather. Like the BCP guns, the BCP/Alessi belts will last a lifetime if not more. Unavailable currently because of long delivery back logs.
BCP mag pouches

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Price: $0.00Part #: 11000
These are a improved version and close copy to the old Davis Leather design of the early '80s. Orginally designed as a single pouch for low profile, concealed carry. BCP has resurected this one and had Lou Alessi improve on it. While fast on presentation, even more important it is SECURE during concealed carry and hard use. Currently available in black or cordovan and the 1911 single stack mags. On special request the same pouch can be had for additional charge in shark. Pouch design intentionally allows some movement on the belt for comfort. Still by far my favorite single mag pouch and I have mot of them. Currently unavailable because of extended deliver dates and demand.
Exotic Alessi Leather

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Price: $0.00Part #: 15000
All of Alessi leather products are available in exotic hides. Shark is currently the most easily available. Please email or call for details and current pricing and delivery times. The photo is the older style (we have improved the reinforcement band) ACP in full shark. The detail, sterling silver buckles and manufacturing is second to none. These are truly pieces of art work done in leather.

Market price on exotic leather (shark quotes): Full Shark ACP, ACP-S, DOJ are an additonal $100. Shark Trim only is $50. At the moment these pieces of working art are unavailable.

GWH Holster is unavailable with shark trim GWH full shark , leather trim only $100.

Contoured tapered belt full shark $250.00 Single mag pouch full shark $75.00.

Also available: Sterling silver buckle and belt tip set as shown, $250.