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BCP Carryguns Ignition System

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Price: $195.00Part #: 00010
This is the third generation of ignition parts now produced and offered over a 4 year period. The best when they were first available and light years ahead of the competition today, no matter the cost. Simply the best ignition system available for hard use carry guns. Specifically designed by BCP and the OEM for building best grade, hard use, 1911 guns. All parts are made from a high chrome content alloy steel, often described as "unobtanium" developed for the aerospace industry for use when failure is not an option under high shock loads. CNC and EDM machined to a high level of finish. All three parts are heat treated to 52-54 Rockwell and continually quality tested. Each set includes hammer, sear and disconnector. All three parts are specifically designed to work together as a system with low mass internals but with extremely durability. I don't consider any of these parts to be drop in. However many will be able to just drop them in and get an acceptable 4# trigger pull. Don't be fooled by the cosmetic copies built to a lower quality and from a lesser alloy. If you want the best in your gun this is it. Team this ignition system to a BCP hard use trigger and you have the same system I put in my best grade guns....and in my personal gun.
BCP Beavertail

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Price: $50.00Part #: 00011
While building "best grade", hard use, carry guns it becomes obvious that a number of the parts available could be done better in fit, finish and design. BCP "Carrygun" parts are a search for excellence in parts and designs. These beavertails are offered in the "white" to be blued and in stainless. The design will fit Wilson's beaver cut and will just as easily fit a Kimber's beavertail with some hand work or milling. Designed to fit slightly lower in the hand than Brown's design but be higher than Wilson's. Proper fitting will not leave the unsightly gap at the frame tang. Options are a full pad, a minimal pad (standard) or no pad. Another product made possible by BCP to build better, hard use, carry guns.
Kimber reliaibility-parts package

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Price: $0.00Part #: 00012
Kimber guns are the best buy on the 1911 market. I am often asked what should be done about the MIM parts in a Kimber. My typical answer is shoot the gun till it breaks and replace the parts them. If that is not an option you are willing to accept these are the MIM parts in the current productin Kimbers: bushing, sights, slide stop, thumb safety, hammer, sear, disconnector, firing pin stop, extractor, ejector, mag release and grip safety. I suggest replacing the barrel bushing, firing pin stop, slide stop, extractor, hammer and sear for better reliability. All parts listed here are the best available machined, tool steel parts that I use in my own work.
BCP Aluminum Trigger

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Price: $24.00Part #: 00013
This is a high grade, solid aluminum trigger produced as an effort by BCP to replace the Vedecki solid aluminum trigger that is no longer being produced. This trigger is being produced to the original Vedecki specs and quality. We started with a high grade stainless steel trigger bow and added a 6000 series aluminum pad. The pad is slightly over sized and must be fitted to most GI spec guns. For the attentive this trigger does have a set screw for adjustment ease of trigger over travel. It is the perfect match to the BCP Ignition System. This is *the classic* solid trigger. Weight is 134 grains. It is also worth looking at BCP triggers #14 and # 15 below for options.
BCP hard use Trigger

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Price: $24.00Part #: 00014
The first BCP (00013) trigger is a basic copy of the Vedecki with few changes. BCP #13 is a nice trigger no question. I have always used solid triggers in my own guns and have promoted the cosmetics and easy cleaning that goes with the design. The newest trigger #14 is slightly different. It has no set screw to start with. Typically the grip safety will offer a trigger stop on the bow. (this is dependant on the grip safety you use) The BCP #14 weighs 114.2 grains, the Vedecki 3 hole aluminum match trigger, 116.4 gr. The aluminum pad is lightened internally and lengthened so if there is over travel there will not be much. Better yet you can cut the back of the pad if you want more. You will NEVER have a gun lock up on a faulty over travel screw. The design is really nothing new, I just looked back at the original Colt 1911 (the original 1911) triggers (which were lightened in the pad also) and made them to better tolerences and of modern materials. Stainless steel bow is full width for reliability in harsh conditions with an internally lightened, serrated, solid aluminum trigger pad. This is the trigger I use in my personal guns and highly recommend them in any carry gun.
Military Match trigger

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Price: $0.00Part #: 00016
This design comes from the military match shooters of the 1950s and 60s and perfected by the likes of master pistolsmiths Bob Day, the United States Air Force, and Jack Maple of the AMU, among others. Labor intensive to manufacture but time proven. BCP has had the design remanufactured to our spec. of current materials and quality control. It is the original Solid Vedecki style pad, lightened internally in a similar fashion as BCP 00014 but with a set screw and a lightened stainless bow. Not the trigger I consider for a *carry gun* or hard use, but if you are looking for the ultimate weight reduction on a 1911 trigger pull, this is one of the lightest (approx. 107 grains) triggers made of stainless steel and aluminum. Dealer discounts available on this product. NO longer available at this time.
BCP Hard Use Short Aluminum trigger

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Price: $24.00Part #: 00017
Simply the short version of BCP hard use trigger with no set screw for reliability and durabilty in a hard use carry gun. You asked for it and it is now here. Typical BCP quality in trigger pad, fine serrations, nice bevel and finely finished. The bow is stainless steel, stout for no flex and nicely polished. 7 grains lighter than the long, BCP, HU trigger.
FP-10 by Muscle Products 4oz.

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Price: $0.00Part #: 00018
FP-10 lubricant is simply the best lube you can use in a 1911. Lubricates and cleans the weapon at teh same time. Used by the US spec op community as well as any number of custom smiths besides myself. 4oz. will last a recreational shooter a long time. I use 4oz every 6 months in my shop. A little goes a long ways in my experience.
FP-10 by Muscle Products 1oz kit

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Price: $0.00Part #: 00019
FP-10 lubricant is simply the best lube you can use in a 1911. Lubricates and cleans the weapon at the same time. Used by the US spec op community as well as any number of custom smiths besides myself. 1oz. is the perfect amount to add to the range bag. The 1 oz. bottle comes with a two applicators. This is the handy way to make sure you maintain your weapon. A little goes a long ways in my experience. This has become my favorite application of FP-10. So much so, that I give the 1 oz bottles away with my custom guns. That should tell you something if I like the product enough to give it away.
Engraved Grip Screws

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Price: $20.00Part #: 00021
Subtle machine engraving done very well on a perfect set of hex head grip screws. If you want to add a nice touch to your personal handgun gun without the attentive geegaws this is a nice option. I like them on my own guns. Take a look in the BCP 1911 photo gallery for other samples of how they look. Available in stainless or blue with the engraving in the white. Please specify on your order.
Hex head screws

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Price: $8.00Part #: 00022
Same quality as the engraved hex head screws. Available in blued or stainless. Please specify on the order your choice of material.